Witness Slips

What is a Witness Slip?

The only time that public opinion is incorporated into the Illinois Senate or House’s decision-making is during committee hearings. At that time, public testimony on a particular piece of legislation is allowed. In order for everyone to be able to participate in this process, testimony can be submitted by citizens via the internet through Witness Slips. These are considered official state documentation. During the hearing, the committee chairman reads the list of witnesses who have filed slips for or against a proposal.

A Witness Slip can be filed for any bill scheduled for a hearing in an Illinois Senate or House Committee, during the week prior to the hearing taking place.

How To Submit a Witness Slip

It is complicated but worth the effort.

  • go to www.ilga.gov
  • in left column in red underneath “Reports and Inquiry” is GA Dashboard. click on it.
  • click on either House or Senate (wherever the bill is) and select committees on the dropdown menu
  • go to appropriate committee [i.e., Appropriation for higher Education]
  • click on the legislation icon on the far right
  • click on tab at top that says “Notice of Hearings.”
  • click on “View Legislation” on right
  • click on the paper icon on the far right of the bill you require
  • you are now at the witness slip–fill in the form, (for firm, business or agency and title fields type “self”), click agree to terms and click create slip.