Our Positions

Our Positions are determined by League studies. The League, at the National, State, or Local level, commits to studying an issue such as the electoral college (national), or Illinois charter schools (state) or home rule (local).

Under the guidelines provided by the League, we create a group that:

  • studies  the issue from all angles
  • arrives at a consensus on the questions asked in the study
  • writes a statement on our position

Then, the position is voted upon by the membership.  If accepted, it becomes part of our program and is something that we can advocate for as a League.

LWV Position: Fair Tax Amendment

The League of Women Voters Illinois supports a “yes” vote for the Fair Tax Amendment.  Read our position here

Overall, the League believes that a progressive or graduated income tax is a more just approach to taxation, a “Fair Tax.”

  • Stable & Responsive:  Good tax policy allows for flexibility to design revenue structures to fit economic reality.  As the income gap grows, taxing the highest wage earners at a rate proportionate to their means could more effectively access additional needed revenues.
  • ​Equitable:  The Fair Tax is based on the ability to pay.  According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the bottom 20% of wage earners in Illinois have 2X the state and local tax burden of the top 1%.  The Fair Tax will help lift this disproportionate burden.

More specifically, adopting the Fair Tax in Illinois is projected to generate  $3.57 billion dollars, annually, which will:

  • address the structural budget deficit that exists with the current unfair IL flat tax system
  • provide the necessary funding to invest in priorities such as education, health care, public safety, social services, and jobs
  • reduce the state’s backlog of unpaid bills
An amendment to the Illinois Constitution is needed to make this change to the tax law.  Passage of that referendum would mean that ​97% of IL taxpayers will see either a reduction or no change in their state income taxes.

To learn more, visit Vote Yes for Fair Tax.

Join us for a League presentation on the Fair Tax Amendment.

View this video about Fair Tax Explained in One Minute

How much taxes will you owe?  Find out at the Fair Tax Calculator.

Fair Tax Fact Sheet


Glencoe and Glenview are differently governed communities and, as such, have their own unique positions.

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