League of Women Voters Glenview/Glencoe Hosts Forum to Learn More About the Local Candidates

Written by Sue Swaringen

The League of Women Voters of Glenview/Glencoe hosted a candidate forum for the contested Village Trustee race on Saturday, March 16 at the Glenview Public Library. The event was well- attended by over 40 people, not including League members. Three of the four candidates in the race participated, including Mary Cooper, Chuck Gitles and Mike Jenny. The three are running on the Citizens for Glenview slate. The fourth candidate, Benjamin Polony, declined to participate due to a disagreement with the forum ground rules. Kathy Tate-Bradish, a member of LWV Evanston, was the moderator. Questions were posed by the audience and included the topics of raising the age for purchasing smoking products, the train holding track, affordable housing, and medical marijuana, among others.

The forum was followed by a Candidate Meet & Greet for the uncontested races for the boards of the public library, High School District 225, School District 34 and Park District. Ten of the twelve candidates on the ballot were able to participate. They each gave a prepared statement about their qualifications and reasons for running, followed by informal time with voters responding to questions and concerns. The participating candidates included:

Library Trustees – Tom Blanchard, Dave Johnson (incumbent), Allan Ruter (incumbent)

High School District 225 — Joel Taub (incumbent) (Skip Shein (incumbent) and Marcelo Sztainberg (incumbent) not available)

Glenview School District 34 – John Heggie (incumbent), Natalie Jachtorowycz (incumbent), Mike Korman, Scott Nelson

Park District Commissioners – Joe Sullivan, Dave Tosh (incumbent)

Thanks for making sure everything ran smoothly for our audience and the candidates, including: Nancy Bishop, Janet Spector Bishop, Sandy Brennan, Sondra Engel, Kate Gazda, Mary Hummel, Sue Kravis, Sheri Latash, Jan Leahy, Roleeta Nandan, Stacy Powers, Sally Ryan, Laura Sailer, Dolly St. Clair, Nancy Stonis, Carole Weber and Ann Yoshida. Thank you also to Tricia Katsamakis, a young activist and George Washington freshman who took time out of her spring break to run questions between our screeners and the moderator.

Note: Because all the races in Glencoe and Northbrook are uncontested, LWVG2 did not host any voter education events in these communities for the upcoming election.