Housing Affordability

Housing Affordabiilty is defined as a residence that has a value/cost or rental amount that is within the means of a household that may occupy moderate-income or low- income housing.  The  U.S. government regards housing cost at or below 30% of one’s income based upon specified data and criteria to qualify as affordable housing

A study group within the League of Women Voters of Glenview/Glencoe is completing a study of housing affordability in Glenview.  A Consensus Meeting is planned on Saturday, October 5 in the morning at the Glenview Public Library.  Exact times and location to be announced at a later date.

What is A consensus Meeting?

As noted in League Basics (In League), ” The American Heritage Dictionary defines consensus as ‘collective opinion or concord; general agreement or accord.’ In the League, ‘consensus’ is used (1) interchangeably with ‘member agreement’ to refer to the overall decision-making process . . . by which a League board determines that there is substantial agreement among members on an issue, and (2) to refer to a specific technique used traditionally in the League to discuss and arrive at conclusions on issues . . .”

“Consensus/group discussion is the technique most often used in the League for reaching member agreement. It is a process whereby members participate in a group discussion of an issue. The ‘consensus’ reached by members through group discussion is not a simple majority, nor is it unanimity; rather it is the overall ‘sense of the group’ as expressed through the exchange of ideas and opinions.”

Source: The League of Women Voters Maryland

Background information for October 5 meeting

The following links and documents will be helpful to review prior to the Consensus Meeting.

Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA)

Glenview Affordable Housing Plan (May 2015)  

Affordable Housing Planning and Appeals Act Handbook (2018)

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus’ Housing & Community Development Municipal Resource Guide