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312-814-2121 (Chicago)



A new bill, HB367 would water down SB337 Gun Dealer Certification by making it only applicable to dealers who have been found to have sold 3 or more crime guns within the previous five years. In other words, it would remove the IL State Police’s ability to provide meaningful oversight of federally licensed gun dealers.

HB367 It is scheduled for committee hearing this coming Wednesday, so we are asking you to file witness slips against this bill NOW.

Right now there are 329 witness slips filed in favor of the bill (the ISRA has clearly rallied its troops) and only 21 filed against it.

Please file a slip as an OPPONENT. And ask your friends and family in Illinois to do the same. There is no age limit on who can file a witness slip – any Illinois resident of any age can file one – and you do not have to be a US citizen either.

To fill out witness slip for HB 367

  • Call your State Senator and ask him/her to support and become a co-sponsor of SJRCA4.
  • Ask your State Representative to become a co-sponsor of HJRCA15.

Call to thank legislators who have signed on as co-sponsors.  The House members are Ryan SpainJim DurkinLinda Chapa LaVia and Tim Butler. The Senate members are Julie A. MorrisonDave SyversonHeather A. SteansJennifer Bertino-TarrantAndy Manar, Bill Cunningham, John G. Mulroe, Laura Fine and Melinda Bush

District boundaries are redrawn every 10 years to ensure that Congress and state legislatures reflect population changes after each census. An independent, transparent redistricting process that ensures communities are fully and fairly represented would protect the integrity of the democratic process and restore citizens’ faith that their votes – and voices – matter.
This amendment would:
  1. Remove politicians and sitting legislators from drawing their own districts.
  2. Establish an independent redistricting commission to draw maps that is comprised of citizens who demographically, politically, and geographically represent our state.
  3. Protect the constitutional rights of communities of color to elect a representative of their choosing.
  4. Add sunshine and transparency by requiring the release of all communications made by the commission as well as any data used to create and propose any and all maps.
  5. Give the public the opportunity to participate in the process by requiring at least 30 public hearings on the maps before a final vote is taken. Members of the public will have the ability to comment on proposed maps and submit their own.